One-on-One Coaching

We will start with a free intake of 30 minutes, to discuss what you want to change and what expectations you have of the coaching sessions. During the intake we will find out if we have a ‘click’. I think that click is very important as we will need to work together.

If, after the intake, we decide there’s a click and you want to start the coaching sessions, you will have 12 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each (1 per week).

During the coaching sessions we will focus on your goals ans sub-goals. I will ask you questions that will make you come up with your own solutions that suit you best. I love this way of working, as everyone is different and you know yourself better than anyone.

In between the sessions I’ll often ask you to do some tasks that will help you change. During the next sessions we will evaluate the tasks and maybe come up with some new things.

The coaching sessions are dynamic.

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Email Coaching

Email coaching is great if you don’t have much time to sit face to face. You can do it in your own time. You will get 12 sessions. My advise is to do 1 session per week, as you need some time to process. It takes time to change.

After you send the email I will respond within 48 hours. You will get some new questions, based on your answers.

Yes, I want Email Coaching

Ready to Go

If you want to change without my help or want to save some money, a Ready to Go program is your way to go. A Ready to Go program is always based around a specific theme, i.e. Chronic Stress.

After paying for the program you can start working on yourself right away.

A Ready to Go program has 12 sessions that are split up in 3 Modules. There are 12 questions per session, so 144 questions in total, that might dig deep sometimes, but that’s the only way to really understand your behaviour and make a lasting change. There are no right or wrong answers, there’s only you. The more truthful you are to yourself the better the results will be.

Yes, I want Ready to Go Coaching